Local motion cyclery services


TUNE UP $44.99*

  • Align and adjust brakes*
  • Align and adjust shifting*
  • Replace cables and housing if needed
  • Adjust headset
  • Check mfg suggested torque on all nuts and bolts
  • Clean and inspect bottom bracket & drivetrain*
  • Replace cables and housing*
  • Lateral and vertical wheel true if needed


  •  All of the above plus;
  • Replace cables and housing (included in price)
  • Disassemble entire bike, inspect, lube and reassemble
  • Inspect and replace (if needed) all bearing systems*
  •  Service hydraulic brakes

SQUISH FIX $100.00 - $299.99*

  • Repair and/or rebuild suspension fork $100 plus parts ($30-$120)
  • Repair and/or rebuild rear shock $100 plus parts ($40-$125)
  • Repair and/or rebuild dropper post $100 plus parts

BIKE WASH $15.00

We will wash your steed and have it shiny for your return.

* Bike wash service will be charged for all customers that drop off a nasty bike for repairs. 


All prices do not include replacement parts if they are needed. No additional labor on replacement parts will be charged. 

LABOR RATES; $64.99 hourly